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Kodeks cywilny 2017 PLUS - zbiór przepisów
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Dostępność: 24h
Wydawca: Wolters Kluwer
Rok wydania: 2017
Miejsce wydania: 1
Stron: 1936
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Dictionary of Travel Tourism & Hospitality

S. Medlik,S Medlik
Wydawca: Butterworth Heinemann
Rok wydania: 2002
Wydanie: 3
Stron: 286
ISBN: 9780750656504


This new edition combines within two covers: * A dictionary of 2500 terms * Descriptions of 300 organizations * A biographical dictionary of 100 personalities * Explanations of 1200 acronyms and abbreviations * Key data for well over 200 countries * A concise bibliography listing more than 100 useful sources of further information The author`s long and wide experience of these fields makes this an indispensable companion for students and teachers, and those employed in relevant businesses and organizations, as well as for the travellers, tourists and guests who are the raison d`etre of it all. "That the UK`s tourism industry is one of the principal planks in our economy is well-known; that it is largely ignored by the government is partly due to its fragmentation, which inhibits its capacity to speak with one voice. Rik Medlik`s Dictionary with its Directory ... [of tourism-related organisations in the UK makes it] a sine qua non to anyone engaged in an industry which Rik Medlik`s work and vision pioneered in professionalising. Who amongst our thousands is not profoundly indebted to him? Harry Baum, MBE, FTS, FRGS, Chairman, The Convention Partnership Ltd, UK "Anyone who harbours a doubt that Tourism is a dynamic, progressive and growing industry need only note that the 3rd Edition of Rik Medlik`s excellent dictionary contains 33% more entries than its predecessor." "From a la carte to Zloty, Medlik defines the vast and vibrant tourism industry with wit and wisdom, in his usual precise and economical style." "Medlik`s comprehensive compendium is relevant to those who learn about tourism, those who manage tourism, those who work in tourism, and those who participate in tourism, wherever in the world they may be." David Longworth, Vice President, Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, India "The 3rd edition adheres to the Medlik standards: thorough; accurate, interesting and just plain good reading." Jerry Vallen, Dean Emeritus, College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, USA "Success in the hospitality industry comes through attention to detail; nobody does this better than Professor Rik Medlik, with a style that is authoritative, informative and, above all, interesting. Professor Medlik`s prolific contribution to the world`s body of knowledge about tourism and hospitality is unparalleled and this latest work roundly illustrates the point." Peter Venison, Managing Director, Sun International Hotels Ltd, UK "This unique dictionary, compiled by a guru of the industry, is an extremely valuable reference book for everyone involved in travel and tourism. It is a mine of information, yet is easy and fun to read." Nancy Cockerell, Editorial Director, The Travel Business Partnership, UK "Rik Medlik has been a pillar of support and a mentor to an entire generation of both academics and practitioners in tourism. This latest version of his Dictionary of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality continues that tradition. We are most fortunate to receive the continued benefits of his efforts to provide us with an understanding of the fundamental meaning of all that underlies the phenomenon of tourism. Thanks so much Rik." J.R. Brent Ritchie, Chair, World Tourism Education & Research Centre (WTERC) University of Calgary And Chair, WTO Tourism Education Council "Dictionary of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, in fact, is not a mere dictionary to the scholarly explain the meanings of key travel-related terms. Rather, I more prefer taking it as an encyclopedia of tourism with clear-cut definitions and necessary background, or as a handbook with handy information one often is desperate to look for. No dictionary alike is...[, so far,] as useful, updated and comprehensive as this one, for academics, administrators and other professionals who would like to be knowledgeable about travel, tourism and hospitality." Professor Zhang Guangrui, Director of Tourism Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "In this new edition of his well established Dictionary, Professor Medlik expands and updates the coverage of travel, tourism and hospitality terms, describes key national and international organisations and adds a new biographical section on historical industry figures. A vital reference work for all those working in, teaching or studying tourism." Colin Clark, Director, Horwath Consultancy, former director British Tourist Authority and English Tourist Board Reviews of previous editions: "Easy to read, well expressed, extensive, accurate." - British Hospitality Association " ... an excellent authority on tourism terms today, browsing this dictionary is a real treat." - Journal of Travel Research "Professor Medlik`s unique dictionary is simply a very good buy." - Tourism, The Bulletin of the Tourism Society "This book is recommended to those in the fields of travel, tourism and hospitality throughout the world, including those who perceive dictionaries as dull things. This one certainly is not." - Annals of Tourism Research

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