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Wydawca: Wolters Kluwer
Rok wydania: 2017
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Anarchy online. Net sex. Net crime

Wydawca: Initium
Rok wydania: 1997
Miejsce wydania: Września
Stron: 367
Format: B5
ISBN: 09945501400700990


Table of Contents


Introduction: Searching for middle ground among Net extremists
Pt. 1. Net Crime
A typical hacker bust
Phone phreaks before the age of hacking
Origins of the "fuck-you" hacker attitude
Early hacker acts with the Apple II
Kids open up the world of computer bulletin boards
How copy-protected game software was pirated
Hack and counter-hack among 1980s New York teens
Law enforcement launches BBS sting operations
Operation Sundevil terminates the first hacking era
Some hackers go legal
Software piracy on a BBS in the 1990s
The Internet becomes a new hacker playground
Hanging out at a hacker conference
"Dark Fiber" describes the hacker ethic
Darkside hackers who do it for the money
Hackers spoof journalists; journalists fight back
How hacker Kevin Mitnick acquired mythic status
Markoff, Shimomura, and the ethics of hacker journalism
The hacker witch hunt
Katie Hafner defends Mitnick
"Roscoe" spoofs journalists and hassles the FBI
True darkside hackers are seldom profiled
Satellite video: an opportunity for darkside hackers
Background color in the Bahamas
Meeting Fred and Ron, video pirates of the Caribbean
A garage workshop where video codes are cracked
The amazing history of satellite video piracy
How pirate dealers sell their service
Video piracy benefits hardware manufacturers
A pirate is invited to a sting operation
Hot gossip from the pirate underground
Helpful hints for amateur pirates
Two men who have put video pirates in jail
One pirate who got busted - but still won't quit
New encryption systems, and new ways to crack them
Is satellite video piracy technically legal?
Video piracy offers lessons for all computer users
New satellite systems open a new hacking era
Introducing Scott Charney of the Justice Department
How the Justice Department controls law enforcement
Scott Charney speaks out on netcrime
Other perspectives on Scott Charney
Robert Steele's plan for better Net security
Dan Farmer's SATAN program tests the Net
Case history of a virus attack
Fighting viruses, now and in the future
An overall assessment of the hacker threat
Pt. 2. Net Sex
Senator Exon somehow manages to discover netporn
The Carnegie-Mellon crackdown on Usenet groups
Martin Rimm's survey of BBS erotica
Deceptive aspects of Rimm's study of Internet porn
The misleading statistic on netporn
Net users uncover Martin Rimm's colorful past
Academics attack Rimm's study
Rimm attempts to reply to his critics
Rimm's motives and alleged links with rightwing groups
Net vigilantes may never forgive and forget
The netporn problem: access, content, and distribution
Comparing the Net with an urban environment
How Usenet evolved
Samples of extreme speech on Usenet
Two people who manage and monitor Usenet
Unintentional absurdities of net censorship
Who cares about hate speech online
"Community standards" online
Pedophilia online
FBI busts AOL users for kiddieporn, with meager results
Why pedophilia is uncontrollable on Usenet
Looking for little girls on Internet Relay Chat
Intractable problems filtering online content
The Guardian Angels troll for porn
How state laws have curtailed Net liberties
Lorne Shantz's BBS is busted by a state prosecutor
Local busts intimidate legal BBS owners
Bob Emerson's Cincinnati BBS is shut down - temporarily
Background history on smut-busting sheriff Simon Leis
A Cincinnati law suit targets the sheriff
Chilling effects on the Cincinnati BBS scene
Ann Beeson crusades for net liberties at the ACLU
Cornell students are punished for sending offensive e-mail
Jake Baker's sadistic online stories
Baker is baffled by outaged response
Baker is held without bail - then released
Legalities of threats vs. obscenity online
Judge Avern Cohn finds Baker's stories unthreatening
General lessons from the Jake Baker case
How Phil Zimmermann gave encryption to the Net
Law enforcement vs. encryption
The promise of digital cash - and some dark implications
Louis Rossetto's quiet radicalism at Wired magazine
Imagining the consequences of a netspeech crackdown
Epilogue: The ultimate fate of Exon's amendment - and beyond
App. Survey and tabulation of state laws on computer crime
App. List of useful web-site URLs
App. The Senate chaplain prays for a world without porn

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