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Kalendarz Dyrektora Szkoły 2017/2018
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Wydawca: Wolters Kluwer
Rok wydania: 2017
Miejsce wydania: 1
Stron: 224
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Płomienna korona

Płomienna korona
Elżbieta Cherezińska
Poznań 2017


Wanda. Opowieść o sile życia i śmierci
Anna Kamińska
Kraków 2017

Najlepsze lata naszego życia

Najlepsze lata naszego życia
Marek Hłasko
Warszawa 2017

Nowa jadłonomia

Nowa Jadłonomia
Marta Dymek
Warszawa 2017

Wzgórze psów

Wzgórze psów
Jakub Żulczyk
Warszawa 2017

Sekretne życie drzew

Sekretne życie drzew
Peter Wohlleben
Kraków 2017

Prus. Śledztwo biograficzne

Prus. Śledztwo biograficzne
Monika Piątkowska
Kraków 2017

Złowrogi cień Marszałka

Złowrogi cień Marszałka
Rafał A.Ziemkiewicz
Warszawa 2017


186.48 zł

Rabat: 7.77 zł
Cena katalogowa: 194.25 zł
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Business Planning for Turbulent Times 2e

R Ramirez
Wydawca: Earthscan
Rok wydania: 2010
Wydanie: 2
Stron: 336
ISBN: 9781849710619


The world is increasingly turbulent and complex, awash with disruptions, tipping points and knock-on effects exemplified by the implosion of financial markets and economies around the globe. This second edition extends the use of scenarios planning and methods to tackle the risk and uncertainty of financial markets and the potentially massive impacts on businesses of all kinds, providing powerful tools to give far thinking executives an advantage in these turbulent times. This book is for business and organizational leaders who want and need to think through how best to deal with increasing turbulence, and with the complexity and uncertainty that come with it. The authors explain in clear language how future orientation and, specifically, modern scenario techniques help to address these conditions. They draw on examples from a wide variety of international settings and circumstances including large corporations, inter-governmental organizations, small firms and municipalities. Readers will be inspired to try out scenario approaches themselves to better address the turbulence that affects them and others with whom they work, live and do business. A key feature of the book is the exchange of insights across the academic-practitioner divide. Scholars of scenario thinking and organizational environments will appreciate the authors` conceptual and methodological advances. What has previously remained jargon only accessible to the highest level of corporate and government futures planners here becomes comprehensible to a wider business and practitioner community. `The book shows that the rigorous thinking of scholarly work is not something for `ivory towers`; instead the book shows how academic work can provide the foundations for practical, even wise action by policy makers and decision-makers.` From the Foreword by Vince Cable `A very important addition to the scenarios literature. The editors and contributors ... are all to be congratulated.` The British Accounting Review `Book of the month ... For business students and people at the sharp end of formulating corporate or political strategy it provides some carefully thought-out and inventive ideas.` Qualityworld Magazine `A welcome and important addition to our field.` Paul J. H. Schoemaker, PhD, adjunct professor of marketing, The Wharton School, author of Winning Decisions, Profiting from Uncertainty and Peripheral Vision `This is a very useful book. It integrates different methods of strategy making in an insightful way that will benefit thoughtful executives and practice-oriented academics alike.` Yves Doz, Professor of strategic management, INSEAD `Essential reading for the new generation of business leaders.` Napier Collyns, cofounder of Global Business Network `The business bible on scenario development.` Steve Waddell, Networking Action `This stimulating book offers much needed reflection on the conceptual foundations of scenario planning and related methodologies for navigating uncertainty. A diverse range of authors draws important linkages to various academic disciplines, and ... illuminate important links between theory and practice that have been largely underappreciated. The book probes deep questions, offers a wide scope of inquiry and garners important new insights building on multiple schools of thought. [A] welcome and important addition to our field.` Paul J. H. Schoemaker, PhD, adjunct professor of marketing, The Wharton School, author of Winning Decisions, Profiting from Uncertainty and Peripheral Vision `Combines practical relevance with academic rigour. I commend it alike to executives and scholars - indeed to anyone with a serious interest in thinking about the future.` Sandy Pepper, partner, PricewaterhouseCoopersLLP `The business bible on scenario development` NetworkingAction.net `A unique combination of practical and conceptual approaches to scenario building. It sets in perspective and grounds efforts to explore alternative futures and guide action in our turbulent times ... Required reading for all strategic planners and thinkers.` Francisco Sagasti, chairman, Program on Science and Technology, Office of the Prime Minister of Peru, boardmember of IDRC, and former chief of strategic planning at the World Bank `What all readers will come away with is a new confidence in using scenarios on tough problems for the right purpose, which is to change thinking.i? In addition, one gets a glimmer of a new way of doing strategy, by engaging in co-evolution, byi? cutting loose from old thinking that doesn`t work in a turbulent environment.i? This book is part of the education that we need as a civilization.` Kent Myers `The chapters explore how concepts of turbulence ... can usefully inform scenario planning practice.` Academy of Management News `Extremely relevant for both the discipline of scenario planning and managers that face uncertainty in their strategic business decisions.` ZfB - Zeitschrift fi? r Betriebswirtschaft `With this book, futures researchers and practitioners will find new perspectives to discuss turbulence and scenario planning connections and to make sense to the related issues.` Futures Magazine

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