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Essential Quantitative Methods 4e

Les Oakshott
Wydawca: Palgrave Macmillan
Rok wydania: 2009
Wydanie: 4
Stron: 528
ISBN: 9780230218185


The perfect introduction for students with no previous exposure to quantitative methods, the text assumes no prior knowledge, providing all the necessary mathematical background in a preliminary revision chapter. Comprehensive and practical, this text is packed with real world examples and case studies. It focuses on problem-solving and has been completely updated for the 4th edition. A companion website is available with extensive online resources. `In the Fourth Edition of this book, Oakshott provides the perfect introduction for students with no previous exposure to quantitative methods. The text assumes no prior knowledge, providing all the necessary mathematical background in a preliminary revision chapter. Often students are left with the impression that they need never concern themselves with the collection of data. Oakshott, however, understands the importance of taking time to describe data collection methodologies prior to introducing descriptive statistics, probability theory and inferential statistics. Thus the reader is presented not only with a set of practical tools but also with a deep understanding of the research process. The structure of the chapters in this Fourth Edition is a paragon of clarity. As real learning comes not just from seeing but from doing, in addition to carefully presenting theoretical material, Oakshott also provides the reader with a large number of worked examples and exercises to give readers ample opportunity to become proficient practitioners. The examples presented are also noteworthy in that they are both current and relevant, deliberately chosen to grab the reader`s attention. In summary, I would recommend this text to anyone in the fields of business and finance who wishes a clear and comprehensive introduction to research methods and statistics.` - Dr. Patrick Murphy, Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Statistics, School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin, Ireland `This attractively presented and user-friendly textbook provides an excellent and comprehensive coverage of the key quantitative methods that are used in businesses and other organizations. Each chapter has a clear set of objectives and the reader`s learning experience is enhanced through activities, exercises and summaries of key points. The topics are introduced in a way that makes them accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds, while the book`s emphasis on applications should ensure that readers are able to apply appropriate methods to practical problems with insight and confidence.` -- Paul Goodwin, Professor of Management Science, University of Bath, UK `This is a very relevant textbook with a clear presentation of the material and explanations that would fit perfectly an introductory course on quantitative methods or statistics. Learning is facilitated by numerous support materials included in the text adding practical relevance to the topics studied. I would strongly recommend this book for most undergraduate degree programmes in Business.` - Vladimir Ryabov, Principal Lecturer, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Finland `This improved edition of Les Oakshott`s book will be welcomed by teachers and students alike. The clear presentation of methods and techniques ensures that the book will be of use for business students at all levels. Guides to the use of EXCEL and SPSS are integrated within the text so that usefully sized problems can be soon be solved by those with some prior experience and by those coming to quantitative methods for the first time.` - Alan Jessop, Senior Lecturer in Operational Research, Durham Business School, The University of Durham, UK `Oakshott`s new text provides a clear and friendly introduction to mainstream business mathematics methods. Impressively illustrated and produced, it will appeal to business students of most quantitative abilities.` - Jim Freeman, Lecturer in Statistics, Manchester Business School, UK `This student-friendly text is extremely accessible and is pitched at just the right level for a first course in Quantitative Methods. The use of real-life examples motivates the techniques developed, whilst the wide variety of support material available makes it easy for students to consolidate their learning. As the title suggests, this is an essential text for undergraduate students on programmes in Business, Management and Finance.` - Dr. Lee Fawcett, Lecturer in Statistics, Newcastle University, UK `This book provides a sound introduction to the use of mathematical and statistical techniques for business decision-making. Many students, particularly those who struggled with maths at school and those whose encounters with numerical concepts were a long time ago, will find this title extremely helpful in reducing their anxieties. The written style is sympathetic to non-expert mathematics students, and the examples provided are relevant to business students. A good feature at the end of each chapter is a reflection section, where students are encouraged to think about what they have learned in each. Examples at the end of each chapter help to reinforce the concepts and provide practice in typical assignment and examination questions.` - Adrian Boucher, Business Consultant and Visiting Lecturer in Quantitative Management Analysis, University of Birmingham Graduate School of Business, UK `Having used for several years the third edition of this book as the core text for a large level one module on quantitative methods for Marketing students, I am pleased to see the appearance of a new edition which maintains the attractive features of the previous editions, whilst at the same time introducing several improvements and additions that should benefit both student and lecturer. In particular, the use of some colour gives the book extra visual appeal, and the popular beginning of chapter `quantitative methods in action` case studies have been updated or replaced so as to reflect contemporary concerns in Society, Business and Economics. The new edition - as did the earlier editions - illustrates the rich and dynamic interplay between the underlying Mathematics, the real life applications, and the practical and effective use of computer software, this feature being of great value to Business students learning modern quantitative methods.` - Dr. Tim Swift, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK `Essential Quantitative Methods will prove especially valuable to business students because of its clear approach. This enriched fourth edition looks atMonte Carlo application, withupdated coverage of SPSS and Excel, as well as linear programming and multi-attribute decision applications. A friendly companion website supports the answers to review questions supplied in the book. This enlightening edition should be regarded as essential reading for those facing uncertainty in their quantitative analyses.` - Nesrin Okay, Professor in the Department of Management, Bogazici University, Turkey `Clear and concise, this book is an excellent introduction to quantitative techniques. The author has addressed three important pedagogical issues: 1. The text starts at a level where many students actually are. This is enhanced by the use of diagnostic tests and remedial exercises 2. Motivation is vital and it`s refreshing to see where real life applications drive the mathematics and not the other way round. 3. The author has a great grasp of what concepts and ideas students find difficult and additional motivation and examples are provided to address this. - Brendan McCabe, Professor in the University of Liverpool Management School, UK The new edition of this highly successful textbook comes packed with new material and increased coverage of topics already present in earlier editions. I would emphasise the Monte Carlo applications, the increased attention to Linear Programming as well as the revised and updated coverage of SPSS and Excel softwar

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