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Gołąb Jakub, Jakóbisiak Marek, Lasek Witold, Stokłosa Tomasz - Immunologia
+ do schowka
119.00 zł
83.88 zł
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Rabat: 35.12 zł
Cena katalogowa: 119.00 zł
Dostępność: do 48h
Gołąb Jakub, Jakóbisiak Marek, Lasek Witold, Stokłosa Tomasz
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Rok wydania: 2017
Miejsce wydania: 1058
Stron: 498
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214.78 zł

Rabat: 11.07 zł
Cena katalogowa: 225.85 zł
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Mathematical Excursions

Wydawca: Houghton Mifflin Company
Rok wydania: 2003
Stron: 913
ISBN: 9780395727799


A new text for the liberal arts math course by a seasoned author team, Mathematical Excursions, is uniquely designed to help students see math at work in the contemporary world. Using the proven Aufmann Interactive Method, students learn to master problem-solving in meaningful contexts. In addition, multi-part Excursion exercises emphasize collaborative learning. The text`s extensive topical coverage offers instructors flexibility in designing a course that meets their students` needs and curriculum requirements.

The Excursions activity and corresponding Excursion Exercises, denoted by an icon, conclude each section, providing opportunities for in-class cooperative work, hands-on learning, and development of critical-thinking skills. These activities are also ideal for projects or extra credit assignments. The Excursions are designed to reinforce the material that has just been covered in the section in a fun and engaging manner that will enhance a student`s journey and discovery of mathematics.
The proven Aufmann Interactive Method ensures that students try concepts and manipulate real-life data as they progress through the material. Every objective contains at least one set of matched-pair examples. The method begins with a worked-out example with a solution in numerical and verbal formats to address different learning styles. The matched problem, called Check Your Progress, is left for the student to try. Each problem includes a reference to a fully worked out solution in an appendix to which the student can refer for immediate feedback, concept reinforcement, identification of problem areas, and prevention of frustration.
Each Chapter Opener begins with a short introduction to a real data application, which is then highlighted again in one Excursions activity and in the corresponding Excursion Exercises at the end of a section. This specific Excursion will be denoted by an icon. A section-by-section table of contents is accompanied by a brief summary of the topics that will be covered in the chapter.
A section called Problem-Solving Strategies in Chapter 1 introduces students to the inductive and deductive reasoning strategies they will use throughout the text.
An Instructor`s Annotated Edition features icons denoting tables and art that appear in PowerPoint and Word files on the Instructor CD-ROM and web site; worked-out solutions to all Check Your Progress exercises and answers to all exercises; and a time-saving listing, Suggested Assignments.
A supportive Question/Answer feature at key points throughout the text encourages students to pause and reflect on the concept being discussed and to answer the question. The answer is located in a footnote on the same page.
Carefully developed Exercise Sets, emphasizing skill building, skill maintenance, concepts, and applications, range from drill and practice exercises to engaging challenge problems.
Extension exercises placed near the end of each exercise set present a combination of Critical Thinking, Cooperative Learning, and Exploration exercises to provide further challenge and concept extension.
Take Note boxes in the margins alert students to a point requiring special attention or amplify a concept being developed.
Math Matters essay boxes throughout the text help motivate students by demonstrating how and why math is applicable to contemporary, real-life situations. Accompanying graphs and figures help students visually interpret the material.
Point of Interest notes provide relevant, contemporary information that helps motivate learning by giving context to concepts being presented. Historical Notes offer additional context by highlighting important mathematical developments or famous individuals who have made major advancements in their fields.
Calculator Notes offer point-of-use tips on solving select problems with various kinds of calculators.
Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Summary that includes cross-referenced Key Words and Essential Concepts; and Chapter Review Exercises and Chapter Test Exercises with section references.

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