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Wydawca: PZWL
Rok wydania: 2017
Miejsce wydania: 189
Stron: 290
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Mobile Revolution

Dan Steinbock
Wydawca: Kogan Page
Rok wydania: 2005
Stron: 320
ISBN: 9780749442965


As more and more people use mobile handsets, a revolution is taking place in computing and telecommunications. Two extraordinary industries the Internet and mobile communications are converging. But this is just the beginning. As the third industry - consumer electronics - and the fourth - media and entertainment - join in, changes in consumer markets are inevitable, as evidenced by the explosive growth of mobile media, games and entertainment. In "The Mobile Revolution", the senior executives of the world`s leading mobile vendors, operators, service providers, software giants, chip kings, media and entertainment conglomerates, publishers, music moguls and brand marketers reveal their secrets and strategies. Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, RealNetworks, Yahoo, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, EMI, BMI, BMG, IFPI, CNN, ABC, Disney, Fox, Sony, Warner Music and Universal are just a few of the names that feature. As a result, the book abounds with inside stories of great industry successes (and equally great flops!) as the narrative shifts constantly between the major cities of several continents - from Helsinki and Stockholm, London and Frankfurt, Tokyo and Seoul, Beijing and Singapore, New York City and Los Angeles, to Bangalore and Moscow. "The Mobile Revolution" is about the making of mobile markets and services worldwide, with a firm emphasis on innovation. It is not just another account of technology innovation; rather it examines the rise of mobile services in the context of maturing and emerging mobile markets. "A time machine - effortlessly taking the reader back into inticate details of so many interwoven plays of technology, marketing, design and visionary achievement that created the mobile revolution we know today." Frank Nuovo, Chief Designer of Nokia`s mobile phones "Along with our story at SK Telecom, The Mobile Revolution contains others that will be very interesting for people interested in learning more about the telecommunications industry." Sung Min Ha, Senior Vice President and CFO, SK Telecom "Dan Steinbock has written a monumental and comprehensive history and textbook for the wireless industry. It`s a treasure for wireless players, from neophytes to pioneers." Martin Cooper, Chairman, ArrayComm, Inc "Diligently plots the pioneering days when content met technology and in so doing explains how a new market was born. This is a comprehensive overview of that market and a critical read for anyone interested in the technology or content of the mobile space." Jonathan Channon, Senior Vice President, EMI Music Publishing "Essential reading for anybody who wants to understand how mobility and mobile technology is transforming the way we live and function." Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, VP&GM Multimedia, Nokia "A comprehensive account of the market and service evolution of mobile communications... illustrated with real-world experiences of mobile players." Thomas Geitner, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Group Plc "A comprehensive and authoritative summary of the new era of mobile communication." Sean Maloney, Executive Vice President, GM Mobility Group, Intel Corporation "An exciting exploration of what`s turning out to be the most transformative technology of the twenty-first century. Less a tale of tech than a story of our own evolution, and the near-supernatural new things we can do. A mind-bending read." Geoffrey Frost, Chief Marketing Officer, Motorola Inc "Combines the evolution of the global mobile ecosystem with strategic and tactical insights. A book all those involved in today`s content businesses would benefit from reading." Pete Downton, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnership, Warner Music International "Understanding the technology that enables more mobile products and services to exist is only a small part of the mobile revolution. But as The Mobile Revolution points out, what really matters is understanding people`s ever-changing demands and expectations." Dave McCaughan, Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning, McCannErickson, Japan "Exciting insights into the future of mobile; all in a global context. A fundamental resource for anyone interested in the next stage of communications evolution." Barry Peters, Director, Emerging Media & Relationship Marketing, Carat Interactive "The book has pace, energy and passion. Steinbock`s own fascination with the mobile industry oozes from every line...a fascinating tale, whether you have mobile connections or not." -Computer Business Review, May 2005 "An insightful read." -Information Age, May 2005 "A comprehensive review of theoretical frameworks and empirical industry competition." -Professional Manager, July 2005 "Charts the evolution of mobile services around the world." -European Business, July 2005 "The first comprehensive account of the explosion of mobile services...a thoroughly good read which constitutes compulsive reading for managers and marketers who must now `mobilize` their products, services and companies in light of recent development." -Asian Voice, July 2005 "He`s got the inside scoop on what works - and what doesn`t - in the mobile revolution...Steinbock has produced a valuable guide." -www.kirkusreviews.com, June 2005 "Provides the first serious analysis of the mobile industry...a fascinating read whether you are an industry veteran, a media company or simply an interested party." -Media Week, May 2005 "The book has pace, energy and passion. Steinbock`s own fascination with the mobile world oozes from every line...a fascinating tale whether you have mobile connections or not." -Computer Business Review, April 2005 "An exhaustive history of mobile services from the early `brick` phones to the phone/camera/game/console/handheld PC/teleporters we have in our pockets today." -Easy Jet Magazine, May 2005 "A fascinating read that charts the rapid development of mobile technology, services and markets, and looks at the future trends for the industry...a goldmine of ideas and opportunities for the marketer who wants to reach the mobile consumer." -The Marketer, May 2005 "Steinbock documents how we got here and where we`re going next...[the] range of views is really what makes the book worth reading." -Mobile Business, September 2005 "Essential for anyone actually in the business and a good argument why anyone who isn`t should be." -www.brandchannel.com "A comprehensive account of the explosion of multimedia messaging, camera phones, location-based services and mobile phone television as the mobile industry grows larger across Europe, the United States, Japan, China and South Korea." -Soundview Executive Book Summaries, October 2005 "The most important aspect of Steinbock`s text is his insistence that the mobile revolution be viewed in its global context." -www.kirkusreviews.com, 2005 "Chronicles where new markets have developed in the mobile communications industry, how the innovations have evolved, and the story of the mobile service pioneers." -Reference & Research Book News, November 2005 "A comprehensively researched book brimming with insights." Business Times, Singapore, December 2005 "An overview of the media and entertainment value chain, the nascent field of mobile marketing, and changing mobile business services." Reference and Research Book News "The inside scoop on what works - and what doesn`t - in the mobile revolution." Kirkus Reviews

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